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Those of you who were at our Summer Solstice (Alban Hefin) gathering heard the announcement that we are changing our name and the way the seedgroup is

The new format will be looser. We will not have a fixed schedule.

Basically, the group will be Tim and myself deciding on a date for each festival shortly before the festival (the H&W calendar is no longer valid). Those who wish to join us may join us. There will be no written ritual. We'll invite peace, open the quarters, and do the basic opening and closing as usual, and then do some free form celebration for the season. Of course, we'll always try to have activities for the kids during the light-half season.

The idea is to de-stress the group and the group leaders to make it enjoyable for everyone.

The new group name is Hawk and Ash Seedgroup.
The new announcement list is:

If you wish to get announcements for the new group, please join the announcement list and set your e-mail to receive the announcements.

I also made a new Live Journal group. The new LJ group is
The new LJ group is

LJ and the new yahoo announcement list will be the only places that announcements for activities will be made, so if you're interested, please join one or both.

Hope to see you soon!

Summer Solstice Gathering June 19

Hi all!

We haven't gotten a lot of RSVPs for Saturday, but we're still on!
We do have a brand new grill, so bring your favorite food or meat to throw on it. Since we're going to be a small group, a small side dish or dessert for sharing is welcome.

A couple people have to work, so we will probably hang out for a while in the evening, but no firm plans yet.

Feel free to use some insect repellent (non aerosol) and sunscreen. We'll have the citronella candles and torches going, and we haven't seen many mosquitoes, but it is a wildlife habitat, and the citronella may not be able to repel everything.

The dogs will be at the doggie motel.

Due to the hot weather, we may be indoors after the ritual.

Does anyone else need any additional information?


Summer Solstice - Alban Hefin

Hi Hawk and Willow folks!

Summer Solstice will be held at our place on June 19 at noon.
Ritual at 1:00
Barbeque following.

Bring meat or entree to throw on the grill for yourself (or get together with someone else to do it together)
Side dish or snack food to share.

Let me know what beverages you would like and we'll be sure they're on hand.

Would anyone like to write the ritual? Please let me know. If there's more than one, you can work on it together.

Edit to add: Please RSVP!

x-posting on the yahoo group.

Summer Solstice

Poll #1548058 Summer Solstice - June 19

Summer Solstice is currently scheduled for June 19. However, this is a pretty busy time of year, so I am wondering if we should skip the Solstice Ritual and move on to Lughnasadh, which is always the most fun of the celebrations. If we don't do the Solstice Celebration, we'll be headed out to the baseball game - Iron Pigs VS SWB Yankees. Perhaps we need a fun outing instead of a ritual, so please let me know what you all think!

Yes - Summer Solstice Ritual June 19
No - I'm busy June 19
I would rather go to the ball game June 19
Other - I'm posting with details.

Spring Celebration

Don't forget! Spring Celebration is April 24th!
Hawk and Willow folks - please come a little early to help with the final preparations!

Equinox Celebration Change

I am sorry to say that due to Tim being sick, we need to cancel the Equinox Celebration.

However, I intend to go walking along the Illick's Mill Nature Trail for a couple of hours. You're welcome to meet me there. 3 PM in the parking lot across from the mill. Let me know if you're interested in joining me.

Alban Eiler - Spring Equinox Celebration

Greetings and Salutations!

Spring is almost here! Our Spring Equinox/Alban Eiler celebration will be on
Saturday, March 20, beginning at 3pm.

Potluck hors d'ouevres - bring your favorite afternoon snack stuff to share.

We'll be doing a spring craft project that will be fun for children and adults
and even teenagers, so everyone's welcome as we welcome in the light half of the

We'll head for the ritual around 6 pm, a little closer to dusk, or when we are
all here and ready to do it. Anyone who wants to stay later, we'll sit around
the fire if the weather cooperates, and call out for pizza, so everyone who
wants to stay for dinner can throw in a buck or two. If it's warm enough, we
may even do s'mores!

Please let us know if you're coming by next weekend (March 15) so that I know
how many craft supplies to get.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here!

Imbolc Changes

Due to some unforseen issues we need to change the time and details of the Imbolc Celebration.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Approximate times:
Arrival and discussion: 8:00pm
Celebration of Lights: 8:30 pm
Dessert and Coffee/Tea following.

Please bring desserts to share incorporating milk, honey and/or eggs:
Cheescake, hot-cross buns, butter cookies, etc.

Also, if you would like something to drink besides Coffee or Tea, please bring it with you.

We will not be boarding the dogs and we will not be serving dinner, with our apologies.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.
Further details (except the times and food) can be found at:

Imbolc and H&W 3rd Anniversary

As we look to the northeast, we finally start seeing a change in the length of days. The light comes to warm our homes and our hearts. This is a time to celebrate fire and water, light, the goddess/god of the forge and the hawk of dawn, rebirth and infancy. Soon we will see the early flowers: crocus, snow iris, and the first few shoots of the daffodils. It is not yet time to plant, but it is a time to prepare.

Imbolc celebration will be on Saturday, January 30.
This is an indoor celebration.
Please RSVP as soon as possible no later than Friday, Jan 29
Arrival 5 - 5:30pm
Dinner 6:00 - We will prepare grilled chicken and salad. Please bring bread and butter or desserts or side dishes made with milk, honey and/or eggs - The ingredients of all things new.

Annual discussion of where we're going around 7
Celebration of lights around 7:30.

Agenda for the discussion:
1) What can or does the group do for you?
2) What can you do for the group?
3) Schedule - regulars be prepared to volunteer to run at least one celebration this year.
4) Earth Day and Spring Celebration
5) Fall Frolic and OBOD camp.

EDIT 1/22/10 see next entry for updated times and food


Hawk and Willow Festival Calendar 2010

Happy New Year everyone!
Here is the tentative schedule for the Hawk and Willow Festivals. In general, fire festivals are on the fourth Saturday of the month preceding the festival, and cross-quarter festivals are on the 3rd Saturday of the month of the equinox or solstice. Alban Arthan is the exception, of course.

Please let me know which festival or festivals you would like to run. If there aren't volunteers I'll assign. :evil grin: Also let me know if you would like to do a celebration at an alternate location.

We'll look at the calendar again in a few months and add the moon meditations.

Imbolc - Saturday January 30 - Eira

Alban Eiler - Vernal (Spring) Equinox - Saturday March 20

Beltaine - There is no Beltaine celebration unless you all want to do an Earth-day/Beltaine/Clean-up day on Friday before the Spring Celebration. We do have a tree to plant. It's a tiny little Hawthorne which we grew in a pot last year and needs to go in the ground.

Spring Celebration - Saturday April 24th

Alban Hefin - Midsummer - Summer Solstice - Saturday June 19

Lughnasadh - Saturday July 31

Alban Elfed - Autumn Equinox - Saturday September 18.
Please let me know if anyone wants to go to Fall Frolic this year. Maybe we can get a group rate. I know the prices will be going up, but we haven't decided if we're going yet because OBOD camp is the following weekend and we're not sure if we can do both.

Samhuinn - Saturday October 30

Alban Arthan - Tuesday, December 21

All times to be determined. In general, the festivals in the dark half of the year are done in the evening and the ones in the light half are done during the day. These can be changed around depending on circumstances.

Looking forward to a meaningful turn of the wheel in 2010.
Hope to see you here!