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Imbolc and H&W 3rd Anniversary

As we look to the northeast, we finally start seeing a change in the length of days. The light comes to warm our homes and our hearts. This is a time to celebrate fire and water, light, the goddess/god of the forge and the hawk of dawn, rebirth and infancy. Soon we will see the early flowers: crocus, snow iris, and the first few shoots of the daffodils. It is not yet time to plant, but it is a time to prepare.

Imbolc celebration will be on Saturday, January 30.
This is an indoor celebration.
Please RSVP as soon as possible no later than Friday, Jan 29
Arrival 5 - 5:30pm
Dinner 6:00 - We will prepare grilled chicken and salad. Please bring bread and butter or desserts or side dishes made with milk, honey and/or eggs - The ingredients of all things new.

Annual discussion of where we're going around 7
Celebration of lights around 7:30.

Agenda for the discussion:
1) What can or does the group do for you?
2) What can you do for the group?
3) Schedule - regulars be prepared to volunteer to run at least one celebration this year.
4) Earth Day and Spring Celebration
5) Fall Frolic and OBOD camp.

EDIT 1/22/10 see next entry for updated times and food


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